Mar 10 • 36M

The Unfair Advantage Podcast: Dave Collins

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Alex Auerbach
The science and stories to separate you from the opposition. This newsletter discusses the intersection of psychology and coaching in elite sport.

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Dave is a leader at the cutting edge of elite challenge and international research focused on performance enhancement. He specializes in developing individuals, and building and leading teams, to perform under pressure. Dave works on a model of “shared expertise”, resulting in strong yet flexible individuals, and coherent groups characterised by open challenge and mutual respect. His past successes have typically involved major strategic and cultural change in complex, multifactorial settings. Solutions are usually team driven and evidence-based, with a strong and demonstrable rationale, drawing on his experience as a performer, researcher, scientist and leader.

• Broad experience of leadership and support in performance environments, sporting, business and artistic
• Provision of psychology/coaching support to world class performers/organisations
• Successful transformation and change leadership, involving major financial (annual budgets >£7.5M) and leadership (organisational structures >100 reports) responsibilities
• Record of publications (>300 peer review papers, 70 books or chapters), grantsmanship (over £4.5M) and scholarship.